Where'd You Go? [Poem]

It was cold and damp,
It had been dark for a while
I should have seen about that lamp
But I’d been running in circles
Mile after mile
Where’d you go?

One day you knocked at my door
I wasn’t ready to open
“Go away!” I screamed, and more
But you stood there
Smiling your bright sun-kissed smile
A hammer in your sweaty palms
My crumbling walls,
You had powered through
Where’d you go?

You unlocked my windows
And threw away the key
Said in your nectar like voice
“Don’t need that, now you have me”
You made me cry, You made me bleed
Filled me with more happiness
Than I’d ever need
I melted into your skin
Your fingers lost in my hair,
Where’d you go?

I sink each moment, I gasp for air
Fingers trembling with every letter you sent
Broken, in despair
I know you have places to be
And Demons, you need to tame
I know you want to be free
And I know there’s no one to blame

But I guess my question is,
Why didn’t you also take me?

It is cold and damp,
It has been dark for a while
I should see about that lamp
But I’ve been running in circles,
Mile after mile
Where’d you go?