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Hello. My name is Vivek Aithal.



/ Entreprenuership

Co-Founder, Saturncart

Saturncart is an AI/IOT powered mobile application that enables self-checkout in grocery and fashion retail stores. We have developed a Computer Vision based security module that ensures verification of items in real-time, hence eliminating the need for checkout lines.
Saturncart collects in-cart products data - that was earlier never available to retailers - and uses it for real-time dynamic deals and recommendations and hence increases basket size per user.

/ Work & Internships

AUG '17 - Present

Analyst, Data Engineering

I was the first analyst hired at the Go-jek Bangalore office. My work initially revolved around cancellation analysis. But, currently I'm working on the MVP for a Merchant Voucher Platform. I'm exclusively working on understanding customer behaviour in order to segment them based on quantitative and qualitative tags. A preliminary MVP has increased the redemption % of a certain kind of merchant specific vouchers to from ~1% to ~9.5%

JUL '16 - AUG '17

Analyst, Growth and New Initiatives

Leasing and Offers
We increased driver earnings by carefully balancing product mix of the drivers. As part of the demand arm of Growth, we provided the city marketing managers with actionable insights on campaign-customer segment affinity, to increase targeting efficiency, and thus improve ROI.
Availability and Supply Movement
I was tasked with measuring cab availability in the top zones of each city, ranking them by grade and cost - resulting in a weekly report with insights, heat maps and action items that allocation, peak, city teams acted on. This report was viewed by leadership (CEO, CFO) etc.
I owned supply movement from formulating the algorithm for identification of zones-times to action. I also worked closely with the data science team on the second leg of the project to formulate a more complex set of rules to accurately predict where movement of cars is most beneficial.
A 2 member unit, including me, was set up to break our current algorithm on all edge cases and find all possible flaws in it. We recreated the algorithm, simulated it under various conditions, and found numerous bugs, saving several order of magnitude money, for the company.
Conversion Funnel
The CTO instituted a 3 member team working directly under him to thoroughly understand the conversion funnel and formulate a plan to tackle certain issues with the funnel at a location-time combination. We created tools that surface problems and possible reasons so that the respective teams can take care of it.

APR '15 - JUL '15

Engineering Intern, Innovation Center

Project: Alternate Methods of Nitrogen Generation for Fuel Tank Inerting Systems
Developed a radically new, cheap, light, and reliable system for nitrogen generation and management as compared to the existing systems employing Air Separation Modules and Pressure Swing Adsorption methods. The system, designed and engineered over the two months of the internship period was in the prototype-stage and a patent has been applied for the same.
Received a full-time job offer at the end of the internship.

/ Education

Jul '11- Apr '16

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Bachelor of Technology (Hons.) in Aerospace Engineering
Master of Technology in Aerospace Engineering
Minor in Mathematics and Computing
CGPA : 8.58 / 10.0

12th STD

Karnataka State Pre-University Board

Deeksha Centre for Learning, Bangalore
Percentage : 91.8%

10th STD

Central Board for Secondary Education

Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bangalore
Percentage : 95.8%

/ Leadership

Executive Editor
Campus Newspaper

Hacker Collective

Debate Society

Actor, Director
Dramatics Society

/ Competitions & Achievements


Won first place in Flipkart Hackathon 2016, second place at Airtel's What the hack 2017, second place at ICICI Appathon 2017 and third place at CEBIT Hackathon 2016. Have been in the finals of many more hackathons.


Broken (reached post-elimination rounds) at 10 national level debate tournaments (IITB 2013, IITB 2014, NUJS 2014, NUJS 2015, NUJS 2016, St. Stephens 2015, IITD 2014, NITR 2013, NITR 2014, NITR 2016), reaching semifinals in 4 (NITR 2013, NITR 2014, NITR 2016, IITB 2014), finals in 3 (NITR 2013, NITR 2016, IITB 2014) and winning 2 tournaments (NITR 2013, NITR 2016). Won team gold and individual silver in inter-hall debate 2014 at IIT Kharagpur

Science Competitions

Won the Boeing Student Project for the year 2013.Won second(2013) and third place(2015) in Night-Shift, an event at Kshitij, the Techno-Management fest of IIT Kharagpur. The event required participants on building a mechanical device based on a certain problem statement.Won the first place in Designeer, a CAD modeling event and second place in Space Bin, a case study and presentation event on techniques to clear Space debris, at NSSC 2013.Finalists at Laws of Motion, Kshitij 2013, an RC aeromodelling event.Won first place in War of Wits and second place in Nashify, both being events based on Game Theory


Was part of the patent application for a new flue tank inerting system during my internship in 2014. Have a provosional patent on an IoT powered, cart-based self checkout system.

Here's a PDF version of my CV